About Mad Kitchen Experiments

About Mad Kitchen Experiments

Allo! My name is Adlina. I am a writer and a tea entrepreneur (more on that later) and this is my personal cooking blog.

This is where I collect my thoughts on my cooking hobby. I love to cook and whatever free time I have, which incidentally is not much, I cook and mostly – as my family puts it, do mad kitchen experiments.

What you’re going to get from this blog

  1. From scratch cooking: I love cooking from scratch – and when I mean from scratch, we’re talking I’ll make a burger from scratch down to the bun and sometimes to the mustard and ketchup level. I’d use my own lettuce from my garden if I could. Unfortunately, my cooking is a lot better than my gardening.
  2. Experimentation: I love to experiment on classic recipes and use new ingredients and sometimes non-conforming ingredients e.g. tuna to make fish crackers as opposed to the standard Spanish mackerel.
  3. Authenticity, sometimes: Despite having to substitute some stuff (see below), I am not going to try and Malaysian-ize everything. So I try to keep as authentic as possible e.g. you’re not going to see sambal on my spaghetti carbonara.
  4. Work-in-progress: Sometimes a recipe works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I’m going to document here because if I don’t, I forget the lessons I learn from each recipe I try. Of course, try at your own peril.

What you’re not going to get from this blog:

  1. Pretty pictures – I work full time as a writer and as a tea entrepreneur. Yes, those are technically two jobs and so yes, I have very little time to do as I please. It was a difficult decision to make but after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to keep this blog as a personal notation piece as opposed to an online cookbook with beautiful pictures. This is meant for my family to read and see my progress to my cooking. Or if they want any of my recipes.
  2. Pork and alcohol – I’m a Muslim and so I do keep halal. The lovely thing about being in Malaysia is that Western cooking is the norm here, just made halal. A lot of recipes will contain ‘bacon’ except they’re fake bacon i.e. made of beef or turkey. Ham will probably be chicken. Wine will be substituted with juice or broth. Which means dishes that predominantly have alcohol e.g. coq au vin will not make rounds here. Unless I decide to call it coq au jus de pomme.

That’s all from me! Enjoy the stay.


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